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Creating Elegance

Things to remember when trying to create an elegant space:

  • An elegant space is usually void of all clutter.

  • Lighting always elevates a space, so choose lighting that will really make a statement. I always say that lighting is the jewelry to your outfit and it supposed to compliment the rest of the decor.

  • Elegance isn't really a style, it's a feel or vibe you create.

  • Shapes also contribute to a feeling of elegance. Graceful forms and contours without too many hard edges usually create that sense of elegance.

  • An elegant space is usually timeless. That doesn't mean you can't have stylish furniture. But I would recommend choosing colors wisely.

  • Artwork will also create a sense of elegance depending on the artwork chosen.

Here is a curated elegant space I created using all Amazon products. Not everything in the space needs to be high end to create that elegant high end feel. See below link to shop this look.

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