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Important Pet Products You Should Have

My dog Chloe went missing a few weeks ago, and we are so very lucky to have her back. She was gone for almost 3 days and we have a vast preserve area behind our home that has a lot of coyotes and bob cats. We really thought something got to her.

Although my dogs Chloe and Lucy are chipped, I wished I had a tracker on her. I also had our old address on Chloe's collar, but it at least had both mine and my husband's cell phone numbers which is how we were able to get Chloe back.

Since then I decided I wanted a new collar that has my dogs name and our phone numbers sown in as added protection. In addition, I recently purchased 2 Apple AirTags and holders that I can also attach to my dogs collars. What I purchased is all on Amazon. See below.

Here is the Apple AirTag that I ordered for $29.00 each. Click on link to buy directly from Amazon.

Here are two different AirTag holders I bought on Amazon as well. The first is $11.99 each and the second one is $12.99 each. Click on the picture to go directly to Amazon.

Here is a great collar where they sow in the dogs name and your phone number just in case the tag is unreadable or happens to fall off. The collar is $11.99 each including the customization. Click on the photo to go directly to Amazon.

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